Special Needs

If you are planning a visit to the Faculty Group Practice - Modesto Maidique Campus, please let us know if you have a hearing, visual or physical impairment, or need an interpreter so that we can accommodate your needs. Feel free to bring along a family member, friend or health advocate to your appointment for assistance in understanding or remembering the physician’s instructions and give us permission to have your medical condition discussed in their presence. The office is accessible by wheelchair, with an entrance ramp located at the corner of SW 109th Avenue and Campus Drive. People with limited sight and hearing should bring a companion to ensure clear communication.

A free, on-campus golf cart shuttle service is available on weekdays from 7 AM to 7 PM to pick up those visitors/patients that are disabled or injured. Arrangements for the service can either be made in advance of, or on the day of, your visit by calling 305-348-6173. When you call, you will need to tell the operator the exact location of where you have parked or need to be picked up. A golf cart will be dispatched and will arrive at your location within 10 minutes to transport you to your on-campus destination.